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Friday, 12 March 2010


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Thursday, 11 March 2010


Cancer Code Cracked?

More duff reporting of melanoma stories last Sunday, this time by the Sunday Express, reheating a years-old story, and blowing more or less groundless speculation by scientists up into the most important discovery since chemotherapy. CRUK comment here. Nutshell? It's cobblers.

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Thursday, 4 March 2010



A surfer has written in to say "How many patients die under the care of traditional doctors every year? If you figure up that total, you will see how ludicrous your accusations of Dr. Hamer are"

I'm glad you asked, dude. Cancer is, like, 65% survivable by conventional medical treatment. "Dr" Hamer's patients all die. Every freakin' one. Totally! Knarly!

Of course the big question is not how many of a doctor's patients die, but how many times they are convicted of killing people. That's one to Hamer vs. zero to the average doctor.

Best stick to surfing, bro.

Sunday, 28 February 2010


Lodi et al- would you buy a used car from this man?

My Thomas Lodi post just keeps on generating ill-informed comments from altie morons. The latest tells me to read a couple of airport paperbacks called The China Study and Living Foods for Optimal Health (whose author is pictured) which are supposedly supporting evidence for a statement that Lodi is successfully curing cancer.

Sorry, these publications provide no supporting evidence for anything. They do nor even support their own conclusions.

They are baseless propaganda from vegetarianism/animal rights and naturopathy/macrobiotics activists respectively.

Their authors are simply plugging their self-interested agendas with no regards for the facts of the matter. These are political tracts, not valid sources of unbiased information.

Vegetarianism and macrobiotics (despite their repeated claims to the contrary) are not associated with lower rates of new cancers, neither are they associated with improved survival of cancer. The founder of macrobiotics, and several of his high-profile supporters themselves died of cancer.

Naturopathy is systematised quackery, whose "qualifications" are according to Quackwatch fiddled so that no-one fails. A "doctorate" in "naturopathic medicine" is not therefore even the equivalent of a first-aid certificate, as some people fail their first-aid certificates.

Lodi isn't curing anything other than any problems with his bank balance which might remain after his unsubstantiated past high-spending habits. As far as scientific evidence is concerned, he has published nothing at all of which I am aware.

A combination of mistaking wishful thinking for fact, and a lack of understanding of what constitutes valid evidence is seemingly the reason why so many are so confused. I'm not going to be cooperating with anyone's efforts to spread baseless propaganda for quacks or their fad diets to desperate people. No amount of airport paperbacks stacks up against a single peer-reviewed scientific paper.

Comments claiming miracle cures with no scientific evidence to support them are not going to be published on here. The comment has however persuaded me to revisit these baseless quack diet books for further comment at some point in the future.

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Saturday, 27 February 2010


Cancer Research UK Patient Involvement Day

Cancer Research UK is planning a patient involvement day in Birmingham in April to support our current policy work on promoting earlier diagnosis.

The Policy Team at Cancer Research UK are looking for people to take part in a discussion about how people are diagnosed with cancer and what we could be asking the Government to do to improve earlier diagnosis of cancer.

Cancer Research UK need patients and carers who live within easy travelling distance from Birmingham who have experienced the diagnosis of cancer in the last few years to come and share their story at a day-long event on 21st April 2010.

If you’re interested please email or call 020 7061 8360 to get more information on the day and how to apply.


Staging of Melanoma

Just heard that the evidence based gold standard AJCC melanoma staging system is to be updated soon. Details here.

Mitotic rate is to be used to differentiate between stage 1 melanomas, and all lymph node metastases, including those only detectable by immunohistochemistry are all going to be considered to make a patient stage III.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Tullio Simoncini

Someone has written to me to suggest that the delusional quack Tullio Simoncini, convicted of the unlawful killing of one of his patients is "200% correct" in his assertions that cancer is a fungus. Here is the story of one of his patients. Judge for yourselves.

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